Manohar Kaul
An artist, art historian and Rajesh's father. His passion for art was so great, that he inspired everyone who came in touch with him.
Can & Abel Theaters
Internationally renowned theater personality Roysten Abel's . Logo and website designed by Rajesh Kaul.
Ritu Sharan Studios
Paintings of Ritu, youngest sister of Rajesh
Rahul Ranadive
Renowned Photographer and Filmmaker Rahul Ranadive's website designed by Rajesh Kaul
Documentary Filmmaker's Forum
brings together media artists, theorists and activists to focus on technical and non-technical aspects of documentary film
Golf Rules
The Rules of Golf of United States golf association, in conjunction with the R&A in St. Andrews, Scotland.
Golf Tution
Very helpful forum to discuss all aspects of golf
Stock Chart School
Here you can learn Technical Analysis of stock market charts.
DP operations
Introduction to the Dynamic Positioning vessel operations.
Site designed, developed and maintained by Rajesh Kaul 

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